Hinge Visual is an independent production company based in Vancouver, owned and operated by Darcy Muenchrath. With over ten years of experience in filmmaking and video production – as well as twenty plus years of experience in design and art direction β€“ Hinge Visual is a production company with a difference.

Our work aims to ensure that compelling creativity is at the heart of any project we pursue. We have always been committed to producing thoughtful, impactful and, above all else, finely crafted video for a wide range of clients. Our primary goal is to put your story in focus.

Why choose video?

The world of media is constantly in a state of flux and transition. Mediums that businesses and advertisers once relied on to reach an audience have either declined in value or become too costly. Today, video is one storytelling medium that continues to grow in relevance and influence while also becoming more cost effective over time. In other words, it has become one of the most effective marketing tool to tell your story

Why choose Hinge Visual?

Simply put, we adopt a unique approach when it comes to video production. Our inspiration is grounded in, and taken from, a background in design and visual art. Every frame is paramount, every angle is considered, and every moment of the process is carefully thought through. All to ensure that the final piece delivered to you is of the highest quality.

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