Music and Honey Documentary Pitch

Here is a short doc that we have submitted to the 2019 @Storyhive Documentary Edition. If Music and Honey is chosen as one of the 30 projects selected, we would be awarded $50k to develop this fantastic story.

Take a look here at the one minute reel that was a part of the pitch.

Music and Honey - Synopsis

Beekeeping may pay his bills, but playing the violin is master musician David Rabinovich’s true passion. Capturing a critical crossroads in a peculiar life journey, this 15-minute documentary explores one man’s conflicted yet strangely complementary world of music and bees. 

A small, sturdy man from Uzbekistan, David is a little like a garden gnome in appearance. He was a violin soloist at Alisher Navoi Theatre and Opera for 24 years and has a magnetic, vibrant personality that charms people and bees alike. 
Now that he’s 70, the physical demands of beekeeping are hard on David’s aging hands and prevent him from performing as much as he’d like. Throughout a season, he will move up to 100 beehives from field to field to pollinate farmer’s crops. Soon, he’ll need to decide between the bees he’s so fond of and his life’s obsession – his music. How will he arrive at his decision?

David plays in local markets, restaurants and subway stations, sharing the beauty of the violin to help people forget their troubles. His gnarled hands move rapidly over the strings of his violin with a surprising lightness that seems almost magical, echoing the frenetic movement of the bees within his hives. Wandering through a crowd as he performs, David searches for someone to play for like a bee in search of the perfect flower. Once he connects with the right person, he serenades them as if they were the only two people in the room. 

Beautiful cinematography captures intimate moments as David works with his bees, sharing the inner life of the bustling hive. This is mirrored in an overhead shot of David playing to a crowd as people swarm around him, dropping coins into his case as he plays. The buzzing sounds from the hives and vibrations from the violin draw more parallels in a sensory exploration of two distinct, yet related worlds. 

After 30 years of beekeeping, David’s bees represent more than just an income to him – they’re part of who he is. But as time wears on the demands of their care take an increasing toll on him, hindering his ability to do what he loves – playing the violin. We journey alongside David as he labours between two very different realms from day to day, capturing him as he comes to terms with the inevitability of not being able to do both for much longer. We know he can’t give up the violin, but will this be the season he decides to let his bees go?

Darcy Muenchrath