About Hinge Visual

Hinge Visual is a small group of passionate creatives and filmmakers in Vancouver, Canada. With ten plus years of experience in production and cinematography, we approach every project with the same enthusiasm for crafting interesting and compelling stories.

The Team

Darcy on location in the Rockies shooting a fly fishing adventure.

Darcy on location in the Rockies shooting a fly fishing adventure.


Naturally drawn to adventure and telling the untold stories, Darcy has travelled the globe in pursuit of fascinating projects. He has shot, directed and cut various docs covering topics as diverse as a water contamination and the plight of Samlor drivers (three-wheeled bicycles) in Thailand; a luthier on Vancouver Island; and most recently, Canadian ophthalmologists on cataract surgery missions in Uganda, training local medics in modern techniques.

Darcy has always had some sort of camera fastened on the many interesting aspects of the world. Earlier in his career, he worked as a graphic designer/art director and illustrator. It is these experiences that has provided Darcy with the discipline and creative eye that one needs to capture and tell interesting and compelling stories. 



Michael Matthews is a bestselling non-fiction writer, originally from the UK, with experience in writing for both feature length and short documentary.

A keen traveller to remote or unusual destinations, Michael has visited both ends of the Great Wall of China and climbed mountains in Nepal. He has been to Timbuktu (just because) and Kalamazoo (because it rhymes with Timbuktu) but has a particular liking for Detroit.

As well as writing, Michael is also a photographer, and his work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and books around the world on subjects as diverse as law enforcement, American sub-cultures, politics and travel. He also appears on radio and television (inc. BBC, FOX, ABC, CBC, SKY) commenting on social issues.



Paul’s first job was as a bus boy at Second City Toronto. He’s since worked in Alberta’s oil patch (seismic survey, fracking, acidizing, truck driver), homebuilding, high-rise construction, leather goods contract sales, office furniture systems & interior design sales, travel & lifestyle writing, ad copywriting, motorcycle reviewing, plus a side-hustle as founding partner in a company that designs high-performance upgrades for offroad motorcycles.

For the past 20 years, he’s worked as a writer in advertising, writing biographies & screenplays, and as creative director for videos in the b2c and b2b spheres. Along the way, he’s picked up a few awards.

He enjoys rendering complex creative briefs into smart video-driven concepts, and teaming up with various experts who supercharge those videos using social media, contests, stunts, experiential campaigns, etc.