About Hinge Visual

I approach every project with the same level of enthusiasm for crafting interesting and compelling stories. My previous clients have ranged from small to medium size companies and I have a collective of people that I call on with a range of technical skills depending on what a project calls for.

At the end of the day, my primary goal is to put your story in the spotlight and tell it to your audience.

Darcy on location in the Rockies shooting a fly fishing adventure.

Darcy on location in the Rockies shooting a fly fishing adventure.


Naturally drawn to adventure and the telling of untold stories, Darcy has travelled the globe on a number of fascinating projects with the following key goals in mind: stimulate; entertain; inform.

He has shot, directed and produced various short docs and corporate pieces covering topics as diverse as a water contamination and the plight of Samlor drivers (three-wheeled bicycles) in Thailand; a luthier on Vancouver Island; and most recently, Canadian ophthalmologists on cataract surgery missions in Uganda, training local medics in modern techniques.

Darcy has always had some sort of camera fixed on many of the interesting aspects of the world. Earlier in his career, he worked as a graphic designer/art director and illustrator. It is these experiences that has provided Darcy with the discipline and creative eye that one needs to capture and tell interesting, compelling and untold stories.