Hinge Visual is a small group of passionate creatives and filmmakers in Vancouver, Canada. With over ten years’ of experience in video production and cinematography, we approach every project with the same enthusiasm for crafting interesting and compelling stories. It is our primary goal to put your story in the spotlight and tell it to your audience.

Hinge-Visual’s Vision

Our vision is to bring the art of cinematography and video production to organizations who want to convey the emotion and excitement of their brand in a way that stimulates prospects that was unavailable until now.

Video has become the medium great companies use to tell their brand story now that technology can support video. Facebook and YouTube can make delivering videos to millions of eyes and ears cost effective. However, the next step is to engage customers through storytelling and leading-edge video production. Every brand has a story to tell and some are harder to tell than others. That is exactly what Hinge Visual does – we tell the story of your brand and convey the feelings and emotions you want your customers to experience through video.

Urban Butcher Naturally Raised - Brand Awareness.

What do we do?

Hinge Visual is a full-service video production company specializing in developing videos for the purpose of marketing and sales. Our work is the product of your imagination and the videos we produce can be commercials, short films, customer story testimonials, corporate communications, and any other video that supports your brand building and customer engagement efforts. Let us tell your story!

Wildebeest - Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Wildebeest - Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Why we believe in what we do?

Let’s face it, you can’t experience an African safari by writing about it in a white-paper, and you can’t convey the taste of an award-winning Cabernet or Craft Beer through a dry run of the mill corporate video. We, human beings, are compelled by stories.

Stories can be told in a variety of different and compelling ways, but your audience must want to hear your story and more importantly the story needs to move them. Hinge Visual knows that in our modern age of ultra-limited attention spans and millions of brands using all kinds of different media to persuade prospects, great story telling by passionate videographers can bring people to tears, laughter, joy and countless, impactful other emotions.

The right companies and the right brands deserve the right organizations to tell their story and ultimately contribute in any way that they can. That is why we believe in what we do.