Hinge Visual is a video production company that creates artfully produced video. Inspired by communicating emotion through visual storytelling, Hinge Visual empowers their clients by bringing the benefits of their products or services to life through video.Video has become the medium of choice for businesses and organizations to promote their message or advertise their products and services. What is now differentiating an effective video from another is how the video engages the viewer and tells the story of that particular company or organization.

Through the medium of video, Hinge Visual crosses the spectrum from corporate videos and commercials to impactful, story-driven brand documentaries (documercials). Consumers want to connect with a brand that has meaning, Hinge Visual will work with you to bring this meaning to life through visual storytelling.

We look forward to working with you to communicate your brand, your products, and your company’s mission and value through artful, creative video production.

The Space Between Trees - Summit Reforestation

University of Toronto Eye Surgery Mission in Uganda.


WHAT we offer

Brand Storytelling | Social Media Videos  |  Commercial Spots  |  Event Videography  |  Testimonial Videos
Client Profile Videos  |  Brand Narrative Videos | Music Videos | Corporate Videos
Documentary Cinematography | Wildlife Video and Photography

martin-flyfish-shoot day1REVb.jpg
On set shooting a short film for Orange Mountain Productions in Vancouver

On set shooting a short film for Orange Mountain Productions in Vancouver


Hinge Visual connects people to your brand and we understand how to bring the emotion and excitement of your company to life through visual storytelling.

From drinking the finest beer, wine, and spirits in the world to planting trees in the foothills and mountains of Western Canada or performing eye surgeries in Africa, business owners who want to convey the experience of their product or service come to us when they want to deliver the brand experience they imagined.

Our team will work with you to understand every aspect of your business or product, create the visual story, then create a video concept that will engage and educate your target audience. When the final video is finished, people will not only now experience your brand – they’ll remember it.

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